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Easiest Scenario for a Title Transfer

When we buy a vehicle, we get caught up in the excitement of owning a new vehicle. Even if it's a used vehicle, it is new to us. So, we tend to underestimate the headaches and issues that come with buying a used vehicle.

One of those headaches is dealing with the Transfer of Title Ownership.

The transfer is the last thing in mind when you get a good deal. So, it catches you by surprise when you go to the courthouse and the teller tells you that you cannot register your vehicle because of title problems.


So here's how you know you have the Easiest Scenario for a Title Transfer:

  • you are buying the vehicle directly from the registered owner,

  • the title is completely clean (no signatures, dates, or liens),

  • the Buyer has a Valid and Current ID (TX DL, TX ID, or Passport),

  • the Buyer has Liability Insurance​, AND

  • State Inspection Report was obtained in the last three months.


​If this is the case for you, then Congratulations! You just need to fill out

  • the Title AND

  • the Form 130-U (Application for Texas Title and/or Registration)


** The Assignment of Title section in the back of a Texas title needs to be filled out completely.


If you need help to fill it out , we can help. We have experience filling out these forms.

We can set up your appointment and even organize your paperwork so, you can just hand it over to the courthouse teller.

Call us for further instructions and prices or come and visit us!

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