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Notary Public's Signature and Seal

Notary Public

A Notary Public is only a Witness to any document signing. 

A Notary Public is not allowed:

  • to explain or interpret a document

  • alter a document

But we are allowed to:

  • to make sure the document is complete before signing

  • to stop a signing if any signer does not agree with the document 

  • to stop a signing if any signer is being forced to sign the document

  • travel to the signer, if possible ** additional fee 

To notarize a document:

  • Signer's presence is absolutely needed​,

  • A valid and current form of Identification, issued from a government agency, which can include but it is not limited to:

    • TX Identification or License​

    • Matricula Consular ID         

    • Passport                               

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