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Ensuring Your Protection

Personal Auto Insurance

In the State of Texas, it is required by law to buy at least the minimum liability limits.

Limits of Liability:

Bodily Injury:           $30,000 for each injured person

                                    $60,000 per accident

Property Damage:  $25,000 for property damage per accident

The main purpose for Liability Insurance is to help you pay the damages and/or injuries you caused to others. In addition to that, without liability insurance you will not be able to register your vehicle for the year and you may even incur tickets and fines.  

​Liability coverage does not cover your vehicle or your injuries. Other coverages are available to help pay for those expenses.

Things to know: Our companies accept all types of Identification. But there are some surcharges that will be applied depending what company is being quoted.

  • The following is accepted as form of Identification but some of these are not by all of the companies:

    • TX DL 

    • TX ID 

    • Matricula

    • Passport

    • Elector

    • International ID/DL

Also, our companies provide the best rates with the following discounts:

  • Multi-car 

  • Prior Insurance

  • Homeowner

  • Good Student 

  • Automated payments

  • and more...          


For a free estimate, you can visit or call us.

We offer the following coverages and certificates

Liability Insurance

- required by Texas law

  • is composed of bodily injury liability and property damage liability. It helps pay the damages or injuries you caused to others. 

    • Bodily Injury: helps pay medical expenses, and can also include pain and suffering, and lost wages.

    • Property Damage: helps pay the repair expenses for the property damage

Comprehensive and Collision

-optional coverage; not required by Texas law

(deductible may be applied for each coverage)

  • Comprehensive: ​it protects the vehicle against any type of damage to your vehicle that is considered a non-crash incident, which includes: 

    • Theft​

    • Vandalism

    • Fire Damage

  • Collision: covers your vehicle's damages in case of an at-fault or not-at-fault accident

  • Deductible: what you pay out of your pocket in case of an accident claim

Uninsured Motorist

-optional coverage; not required by Texas law

  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI): covers your expenses for your bodily injuries, and your passengers in case the other driver does not have auto liability insurance AND is at-fault.

  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD): covers the expenses for the damages for your vehicle in case the other driver does not have auto liability insurance AND is at-fault. 

    • ​deductible may be applied for UMPD

NON-Owners insurance

Majority of the drivers do NOT qualify!

If qualified, it provides liability coverage when you're renting a vehicle or borrowing someone else's car. This liability coverage pays for injuries and property damage that you cause to other drivers and their passengers. 

  • You cannot:​

    • own a vehicle,

    • have a vehicle registered under your name, or

    • live with someone that owns a vehicle.


It is not insurance, it is a certification of Insurance.

This certification is required by the Department of Motor Vehicle, that accompanies your purchase of Liability Insurance. Most of the time it is required by the DMV to reinstate your driving status.


*documentation may be required

All documentation needs to be provided at Point of Sale, if required.

Advance Shopping

*no documentation required

If you currently have insurance that expires in the near future, you can qualify for a discount.

  • It has to be at least 5 days in advance

  • Discount is automatically applied with proof of current insurance from the other insurance carrier.

Automated Payments

*no documentation required

You can qualify for a small discount, if you set up your insurance for automatic payments.

  • The following is accepted for your automatic payments:

    • Checking Account​

    • Savings Account

  • Restrictions:

      Credit/Debit Cards: because the Cards can be replaced due to lost or stolen reasons. When the cards are replaced sometimes a new card number is assigned, which can result in a declined transaction. 

Good Student

*documentation is required

If one of the drivers is a student with good academic standing, your policy can qualify for this discount.

  • The following is accepted as documentation to qualify for this discount:

    • Report Card​

    • Any school document that shows the following:

      • name, address, and date of birth of the driver/student​,

      • name and address of the school,

      • current school year, and 

      • GPA

Homeowner Discount

*no documentation is required

As a Homeowner, you can apply for a Homeowner Discount only if that home is your Main Home for the majority of the year.
Our agency is able to verify Home Ownership online with Harris County Appraisal District.

Multi-Car Discount

*no documentation required

If you only have one vehicle, there is no discount. Once a second or third vehicle is added to a policy, a Multi-Car Discount is applied to the policy.

  • discount is applied automatically

Prior Insurance Discount

*documentation is required

Named Insured needs to have had prior insurance with another insurance company. Some insurance companies require

1-month, 3-months or 6-months of continuous coverage, with no more than a 10 day lapse.

  • The following is accepted as documentation to qualify for this discount:

    • Insurance Card​

    • Declaration or Renewal Page

    • Letter of Experience from Insurance Company

Safe Driver

*no documentation is required

If the driver does not have any tickets or accident in the last 3-5 years, then the policy will not be surcharged. 

  • some companies run their reports at Point of Sale and others 24-48 hours after Point of Sale

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