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Legal Research and Writing

We will help in any way we can


Our main service to the public is to provide economic insurance but we do so much more. Unless we are asked we don't know every thing that we are able to do for you. So, the best way to find out is to ask us. You can call, email or visit us. 

For more information on our other services, read below.

Copies - Fax - Email


  • Black and White

  • Color 

  • Letter Size

  • Legal


  • Local Faxing


  • the best way to send and receive documents

  • safer than faxing

  • save on the international faxing costs

Customized Letters

  • Rental Agreement - Acuerdo de Renta (Casa)

  • Income Certification - Certificación de Ingreso

  • Affidavit of Consent for children that Travel - Afidávit de Consentimiento para niños que viajan

    • The most popular during vacation time​

  • Power of Attorney - Carta de Poder

  • and many more...

Apostille - Authentication of Documents

This process is taken place in Austin. If you need a notarized letter or a certified copy of document issued by Texas authenticated, then getting an Apostille is the way to go.​

We can help you fill out the document and organize the package that you will be sending by mail.

An Apostille will be issued for the following types of documents:

  • Documents that have been notarized by a Texas Notary Public.

    • You must submit the complete original document for authentication. 

  • Certified copies of recordable documents issued by a Texas statewide officer. This includes certified copies of:

    • birth/death certificates,

    • vehicle title histories, etc.;

    • documents issued by a county official including:

      • certified copies of marriage licenses,

      • divorce decrees,

      • probated wills,

      • judgments,

      • birth/death certificates, etc.;

    • documents issued by a city or local registrar including certified copies of:

      • birth certificates

      • death certificates. 

You must submit the complete document for authentication. Certified copies submitted for authentication must be issued within the past five years. 

You must submit:

  • the documents

  • $15 dollar fee for each document (money order or personal check)

  • a self-addressed, stamped envelope or pre-paid overnight airbill/envelope.

Mail-In Service

Please allow at least ten (10) business days for processing any request received by mail.

No Access to a computer or WIFI??

If you don't have access to a computer and/or you don't have access to WIFI at home, we can help.

We can help fill out any application or print out anything you might need.

We have and can help with:

  • Online Job Applications

  • Registering for an account

  • Printing out a document

  • Email

Surety Title Bonds

With no title, there's no way to be able to obtain an Original title under your name. If you cannot get in contact with the Registered Owner, then your only option is to get a Bonded Title.

To determine your eligibility, you must be in legal possession and control of the vehicle and it can:

  • NOT be an abandoned vehicle,

  • NOT be junked,

  • NOT be stolen,

  • NOT have a lien,

  • NOT have a pending lawsuit, 

  • NOT have a dealer as a prior owner.

Once you get the Approved letter by the TxDMV Regional Service Center, you can apply for a Surety Bond.

A Surety Bond, makes you, the Owner/Principal, responsible for any claim filed against the Obligee, which in this case is the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV).

Translation of Documents

Languages: Spanish and English

The following are documents that we have and can translate:

  • Birth Certificates

  • School Letters

  • Letters from Clinics

  • Report Cards

  • Marriage Certificates

  • and many more...

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